Coordinated School Health featured in "Spotlight on the Schools"

Coordinated School Health featured in "Spotlight on the Schools"
Posted on 05/30/2024

Coordinated School Health was established by the Tennessee Department of Education in February 2001. The primary mission of the office is to improve student health outcomes as well as support the connection between good health practices, academic achievement, and lifetime wellness. With the passage of T.C.A. 49-1-1002, The Coordinated School Health Improvement Act of 2000, authorization and funding for CSH was established in Tennessee. State funding provided support for ten pilot sites. In 2006, Public Chapter 1001, the Coordinated School Health Expansion and Physical Activity Law, established authority and funding to expand CSH statewide. The law created a Physical Education Specialist and a Coordinator of School Health position within the Tennessee Department of Education. By July 1, 2007, all Tennessee public school systems implemented coordinated school health for the 2007-08 school year.

Coordinated School Health is an effective approach designed to connect health (physical, emotional, and social) with learning. CSH improves children’s health and their capacity to learn through the support of families, communities and the schools working together.

The CSH approach consists of eight major components. By definition, all Coordinated School Health Components work together to improve the lives of students and their families. Although these components are listed separately, it is their composite that allows CSH to have significant impact. The eight components include: health education, health services, counseling, psychological and social services, nutrition, physical education/physical activity, school staff wellness, healthy school environment and student/parent/community involvement.

Scott County Schools Coordinated School Health has implemented, is responsible for, and supports several duties/programs throughout the school year. Student health screenings, Sports Physicals, PE Teacher In-Service, Vision Screenings, Hearing Screenings, Colorblind Screenings, Dental Screenings, Children’s Hospital Asthma Screenings, Student & Faculty Flu Vaccinations, Children’s Hospital Telehealth, School Nurse Support, Project AWARE Support, School Nutrition Support, Family Resource Support, and School Safety just to name a few.

Brent Shoemaker – Coordinated School Health Director
Rosemary Jeffers – School Nurse Supervisor
Paulette King – School Nutrition Director
Terri Keeton – Family Resource Director
Maria Bruce – Project AWARE Director

Coordinated School Health

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