I am essentially a lifetime resident of Scott County where I was born, raised and attended both grammar school and high school. For a short period of time right after high school, I did leave and was employed by RCA and later the Chrysler Corporation in Indiana. After a few years, my first child was born, and I resolved that Scott County would be a much better place to raise my children. Three children and seven grandchildren later, I still believe this is the best place to raise children.

Other than those few years in Indiana, I spent most of my working years either owning or managing companies such as ACE Furniture and Building Supplies, Thompson Builders and Lumber King with most of that time as Vice President and General Manager of Lumber King before semi-retiring. After retiring from Lumber King, I created a LLC company called Faith Wholesale and built spec homes at Fair Field Glades in Crossville. Currently, I am the Manager of Operation Share Tennessee a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Scott County and surrounding counties distribute food and other necessary products to families in need.

I am a member of New Haven Baptist church where I have attended since my childhood, and along with my service to Christ in my church, I see all my experiences in business and now as a member of the Scott County Board of Education as an extension of that service to Christ by serving others in my community and county.

As a lifetime resident, a father, and grandfather, I have a heart for the children and future leaders of our county, and it is my desire and intention to help the board make the necessary decisions that will strengthen your children’s and grandchildren’s academic experiences which play an important role in equipping them for a successful future. I count it a privilege to serve as one of your school board members.

John Thompson
4163 Coopertown Road
Oneida, TN  37841
Phone:  423.569.9819
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7th District
Current Tenure Began:  2010
Current Term:  2014-2018
Previous terms:  2010-2014