Textbooks for the Scott County School District have been adopted following TN state directives and guidelines. The process for textbook adoption can be found at www.tn.gov/education/districts/textbook-services/textbook-adoption-process.html.

The adopted textbooks adopted by the Scott County School District are used as a resource for teaching the Tennessee Academic Standards. Most of the textbooks can be found online using your child's Class Link Account. If your child cannot remember his/her password, please contact your child's teacher. They will assist you in getting this information.

You may also refer to https://www.tn.govhttps://w/education/districts/academic-standards.html to access the Tennessee Academic Standards.

Textbooks K-8

High School Textbooks 9-12

Textbook Adoption Supervisor

Textbook Adoption Supervisor

Keith Shannon
Master's Degree in Administration


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