Instructional Coach: MATH K-5


My MISSION: To provide ongoing support for classroom teachers and students through collaborative planning, demonstration lessons, co-teaching, mentoring, informal observations and feedback, discussions about math content and pedagogy, clarifying math standards, and suggesting effective teaching strategies. My main objective is to assist classroom teachers and other instructional staff to develop strategies, skills, tools, techniques, and the capacity to effectively teach math to all students and to provide focused support in researched-based instructional practices to increase student learning and achievement.

My DUTIES: To organize, facilitate, attend, and present professional development at the school site and district level. This professional development focuses on implementing a strong mathematics program throughout the county that is based on teaching the Tennessee Mathematics Standards and Standards for Mathematical Practice at the highest level of rigor.

Additionally, I facilitate system wide Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and school-based grade level meetings throughout the school year. At these meetings, I work with classroom teachers to:

  • Build a system wide, grade specific community of math educators that share resources, strategies and materials.
  • Analyze class and grade level common assessment, MAP, and TCAP data for the purpose of sharing information with teachers and making informed decisions relative to instructional practices.
  • Support teachers to ensure small groups are rigorous, differentiated, and aligned to standards.
  • Collaborate with other teachers and PLC teams to determine the appropriate implementation of best practices to work toward meeting the district’s goals for student achievement.
  • Regularly analyze all classroom data and monitor student progress aligned to increasing student learning and achievement.
  • Working through an intense on-going process of deconstructing the math standards and Instructional Focus documents to help ensure all educators are teaching the Tennessee Math Standards to the rigor required by the state.
  • Build district wide common assessments to monitor student growth and progress throughout the year.

District Math Coach K-5

District Math Coach K-5

Melissa Roberts
Master's Degree in Administration


208 Court Street / P.O. Box 37
Huntsville, TN 37756
Phone: 423-663-2159 Fax: 423-663-9682

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